United We Stand

Ceylon United Trading was founded in response to the critical need for foreign exchange in Sri Lanka during a period of recent economic turmoil. Our mission was to harness the country's rich natural resources—premier seafood and tea—and position them on the global stage. By meticulously processing these goods for export, our objective was not only to generate much-needed foreign currency but also to elevate the national economy.

Over the past two years, we have successfully achieved our initial goals, gaining recognition for our commitment to quality and efficiency. Today, Ceylon United Trading Co. continues to expand its horizons. We are actively pursuing diverse projects, guided by a philosophy of "can do" and driven by the spirit of creating "win-win" partnerships. Our approach is collaborative, working closely with both local and international associates to foster relationships that are grounded in trust and shared success.

As we move forward, our focus remains on contributing positively to our community and stakeholders, exploring new opportunities, and upholding the values of integrity and excellence that have defined our journey thus far.

Floor 6, Tower 3, Astoria Commercial Building, Colombo 03.

📞 +94 (0)117172881